Super Troops - Introducing Sneaky Goblin

Yesterday we shared with you the first of the four Super Troops that will be available in the Spring 2020 Update. While the Super Barbarian is the perfect berserker to pillage your enemy's village, the Sneaky Goblin may just make him green with envy*.

For today's Super Troop spotlight, let's meet Sneaky Goblin.

Although this green gremlin has clearly been skipping leg day, he has been working on his thieving skills. While having almost triple the hit points and DPS would be enough to set him apart from his punier alter ego, he's not called "sneaky" for no reason. The Sneaky Goblin starts off stealthed when deployed, rendering him invisible to Defenses for the first few seconds.

In game terms, the Sneaky Goblin offers quite a different strategy than the normal Goblin or even the Sneaky Archers. Instead, this base-born bandit takes advantage of his prowling proficiency up close and personal. His extra damage to Resources makes him an ideal troop for clearing out those high HP Gold and Elixir Storages to funnel your attack. Or, his nimble legs can really be useful when you need to clear out those last few remaining Buildings.

Let's watch him in action!


Town Hall requirement: Town Hall 11
Troop level requirement: Level 7
Cost to Super: 50K Dark Elixir
Duration: 7 Days
Cool down: 7 Days

Tomorrow's Super Troop preview is a big 'un who will undoubtedly make a huge impact.**