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Maple Arena
We have more details on the Maple Arena - the new, purely skill based PvP - and would like to share some of the more intricate details here. It is quite a lot of content and if you are interested in showing off your skill, prepare yourself for the battle!

Content Outline
컨텐트 요약
  • Maple Arena is a 1-vs-1 PvP game mode where players compete against other Maplers.
  • 다른 유저랑 1대1 pvp모드
  • All Lv. 50 and above characters can enter the arena.
  • 렙50이상 할수있음
  • Best two rounds out of three wins the match.
  • 3판2선승제
  • Various stats are scaled and powerful Arena-Exclusive equipment can be purchased for mesos to maintainan even playing field.
  • 스텟은 보정이고, 아레나 장비는 메소로 살수있음
  • Potions and consumables can't be used.
  • 포션이나 버프약 등등 먹는거 사용못함
  • Valor Tokens are given as a reward based on your performance in Maple Arena, and the tokens don’t reset. These can be used to purchase outfits and a unique mount in the Arena Shop.
  • 밸러(용맹의) 토큰이 보상이구 토큰은 리셋이 안됨. 이걸로 아레나 샵에서 아웃핏이나 유니크 탈것 구입할수있음
How to Participate
  • Adventurers Lv. 50 and above can queue for a match in the Maple Arena menu. The match-making system gathers all queued adventurers in 4-minute intervals and pairings will be determined by your Match-making Rating.
  • 메이플 아레나 메뉴에서 자동매칭으로 님들 레이팅 수준과 비슷하게 상대방을 맞춰서 잡아줄거임.
  • If you are matched and decline to enter, a penalty will be applied and you will be unable to queue for 30 minutes.
  • 만약 매칭 잡혔는데 취소하면 패널티가있음. 30분동안 매칭을 못함
  • If you check the “Spectator Notifications” box queuing, you will instead be invited to  spectate the match between the two highest rated players queued.
  • 만약 스펙터 노티피케이션 박스 체크하면, 님은 높은 랭커들 쌈 구경할수있음.
Match Rules 
매칭 룰
  • Best two rounds of three, with each round lasting 120 seconds.
  • 한판당 120초임. (2분? 되게 짧네)
  • You win the round when the opponent's health reaches 0, or by having the most health when the round ends.
  • 상대체력 0만들면 이기거나, 끝날때 퍼센트 비율로 피 많은 사람이 이기는거임 
  • All buffs will be removed and only your character’s skills can be used during the match.
  • 모든 버프 다 사라짐. 오직 님의 컨으로만 승부보셈. (길드버프,홈버프도 안되는듯)
  • Skill cooldowns reset at the start of each round.
  • 스킬 쿨다운은 매치 시작할때 전부 리셋됨.
  • There are 10 arena maps and the arena will be selected randomly.
  • 총 10개의 맵이 있고, 랜덤으로 선택됨
Rules for Scaled Stats
보정스탯을 위한 룰
  • The health of players are adjusted in Maple Arena to better fit the 120 round duration.
  • 님들 체력은 120라운드동안 메이플아레나에 맞게 조정된다?? ( 재 생각엔 120초동안 체력이 보정된다는 뜻같음.)
  • Increased attack from enchantment on regular equipment will be scaled down significantly, making increased Gear Score from the enchantments meaningless in Maple Arena. This is to ensure that PvP is about players’ ability, not what equipment they’ve earned from other game modes.
  • 보통 장비(PvE)로부터 공격증가스탯이 보정으로 떨어집니다. 메이플 아레나에선 기어스코어는 아무런 의미가 없습니다. PvP에선 오직 님들의 능력, 컨트롤로만 진행하게됩니다. 기어따위에서 이득볼수없습니다. 
  • Pets can't be summoned, and attribute increases from gemstones and most gear effects won't apply in Maple Arena.
  • 펫은 사라집니다. 그리고 젬스톤이라든지 장비에서 스탯 이득보는건 전혀 적용이 안됩니다.
Ladder Score
  • After a Maple Arena match, your Ladder Score (scores players can view) increase or decrease based on your performance. Ladder Score can't go below 1,000.
  • 래더 스코어는 1천점 밑으로 떨어질수없고 이기거나 질때마다 업앤다운 합니다.
  • The following ranks are given to characters based on the Maple Ladder Score. You get more Valor Tokens the higher your rank!
    • 3,700 points: Grand Champion
    • 2,800 points: Champion
    • 2,200 points: Diamond
    • 1,800 points: Platinum
    • 1,300 points: Gold
    • 1,060 points: Silver
    • 1,000 points: Bronze
  • 위에 보이는대로 랭크 점수이고 높은 랭크일수록 밸러토큰을 더 받을수있습니다.
  • The max Valor Tokens you can obtain resets every week, and that limit is increased when your rank increases:
  • Valer Token 획득 가능 최대량은 매주 초기화 됩니다. 그리고 그 수치는 님이 랭크가 높아질때마다 증가됩니다. 밑에 차트는 토큰 얻는 수치입니다.
  • 예를들어 브론즈때 이기면 10개 받구 지면 10개 떨어짐. 최대 600개 얻을수있음. 랭크 점수는 이기면 30점 지면 10점 떨어집니다.

  • You can have up to 30,000 tokens in your wallet
  • 지갑엔 총 3만 토큰을 저장할수있습니다.
Shop and Seasonal Ranking Rewards
  • With Valor Tokens, you will be able to purchase unique items from the Arena Shop.
  • 아레나숍에서 밸러토큰으로 유니크템들 구입할수있음
  • PvP equipment will be purchasable via mesos, and due to the PvP-specific bonus stats, it will be the best equipment to use in the Arena.
  • pvp 장비는 메소로 구입할수있고 pvp에서만 특별한 스텟을 가질수있음. 이 장비는 오직 pvp에서만 그 어느 pve 장비보단 최고의 효율을 뽑을수있으니 pvp 할려면 이거쓰세요.
  • PvP gears cannot be dismantled nor enchanted, nor gain sockets for gemstones.
  • pvp장비는 분해나 인챈트가 안되요, 당연히 젬스톤이나 구멍도 못뚫음.
  • Each season is 4 weeks long. Players will be getting mesos and the top 10 players will be getting a 4-week duration mount - a gigantic Victorious Pyrros Fard ground mount. Also, Rank 1 - 100 players get an exclusive name tag created for the global service.
  • 각 시즌은 한달마다 이루어짐. 유저들은 메소를 얻을수있고 탑10 랭커들은 4주동안 탈수있는 탈것 얻음. 이름이 기간틱 빅토리오쓰 피로스파드 임. 그리고 1~100위 랭커들은 글로벌 서버 전용 네임뱃지를 얻음.
  • First place gets 10,000,000 mesos, second place gets 5,000,000 mesos, and third place gets 3,000,000 mesos. More details will be shared soon with the full patch notes.
  • 랭커 1위는 1천만메소, 2위는 500만메소, 3위는 300만메소이고, 그 뒤로 더 자세한건 패치때 알려주겠음.
Let’s also briefly go over each new content and adjustments.

Sky Fortress
The addition of the Sky Fortress will feature new epic quests, a variety of weekly missions and the coin shop. This content is designed to leverage the large variety of content that MapleStory 2 offers, and will let players who like to explore and do things other than dungeon runs work on their overall progression

Please check the details of the faction shops and mission structure in the State of the Game Week 7 - Part 2[maplestory2.nexon.net] blog.

Soul Binder
We are already bringing in another new job - the Soul Binder. This unique class will add more variety to the gameplay, with a powerful magical assault and flexible support to keep the team going. To let players make faster progress with the new class, we are giving out a Level 60 Achievement package!
렙60 업적 패키지 줄게요~

Lv. 60 Achievement Package:
렙60 업적 팩키지
  • Everyone will receive this package once you reach Lv. 10 or have any Lv. 10 character in your account during the first month of the Skybound Expansion
  • 모든 유저는 패치후 한달안으로 렙 10이상 찍거나 찍었으면 이 상자를 받을수있음
  • You will need to reach Lv. 60 with any of your characters  to open the package. If you already have a Lv. 60 character, you will be able to open the package and use it immediately
  • 렙60이면 이 상자를 오픈할수있음. 
  • This package includes a Lv. 50 Level-up Potion - which boosts your character’s level to 50 and automatically completes the epic quest line
  • 이 상자안에 50 부스트 포션이있음. 이거 마시면 렙50 바로 되구, 이때까지의 모든 에픽 퀘스트라인을 한방에 클리어함.( ㄷㄷㄷ 대박)
  • You won’t be getting any of the rewards from the epic quest, thus we are giving out 2x Absolute Accessory Selection Box, Epic Accessory Bonus Value Re-Roller, Tier 1 Gemstone Box with the package
  • 대신 님들은 에픽 퀘로 받는 보상들을 받을수없음.(ㅇㅇ 필요없음) 하지만 에픽 악세 박스2개랑 에픽 악세 수치 병경권, 티어1 젬스톤박스를 줌. (이게 훨신 더 고마움)
  • Everything is bound to account, meaning you can transfer these to your other characters via the in-game bank
  • 모든건 계정 귀속임. 은행을 통해 님들 따른 케릭터로 왔다갔다 가능.
On top of this, you will be getting an Advanced Training Bundle, with a level-up booster ticket and White Elixirs and Master Potions to help you get to Lv. 60.
그 상자안에 렙60찍기 편하게 하얀포션하고 마스터 포션도 들어있음

Make sure to log in after the update, and also don’t forget to invite your friends to the game, since this would be the perfect time to start playing with your friends!

Content Adjustments
As we have discussed in previous blogs, we are rolling out major changes to the overall gear progression system:

이 밑에 설명은 제가 저번에 올렸던 포스트에 다 포함된 내용임. 그래서 스킵~
  • Hard Adventure Dungeons will now have different Gear Score requirements and will be dropping different parts of gears. Learn more in the Week 6[maplestory2.nexon.net] and Week 7 Part 1[maplestory2.nexon.net] State of the Game blogs.
  • To experiment with progression for epic gears, we are running a month-long event with Toad’s Toolkit fragments dropping from Hard Adventure Dungeons. Learn more in the Week 7 Part 2 State of the Game[maplestory2.nexon.net] blog.
    • Note: For jobs with two weapons that can be enchanted instead of one, Toad's Toolkits counts as two weapons, to ensure that all jobs benefit equally from the toolkits.
  • Normal Chaos Raids will be added to the game to provide a stepping stone for the players at Gear Score 4,500. Learn more in the Week 6 State of the Game[maplestory2.nexon.net] blog.
    • Normal Chaos Raids will have a 6-player requirement and will provide Legendary equipment, but at a lower amount compared to Hard Chaos Raids. Also, please note that Normal and Hard Chaos Raids share the same weekly/daily raids counts.
  • Daily Mission has been revamped to give weekly Mission Points, where you earn larger and more consistent items by completing daily quests over a week of work.

Holiday Event
홀리데이 이벤트
We haven’t disclosed the details of the events yet, but be prepared for a variety of events for players to participate in and earn exclusive seasonal ground mounts, name tag, chat bubbles, decorations, a title, music score and more!
이벤트 할건데 보상들은 시즌 탈것, 

네임뱃지, 채팅버블, 꾸미기, 호칭, 음악 스코어 등등 

많이 포함되있음.

Please make sure to check out the patch notes and visit the amazing looking Merry Village to participate in the events!

Other Cool Changes
  • New weapon UGC templates will be added!
  • 새로운 무기UGC 출시
  • New drum-type instruments are coming to the game!
  • 새로운 드럼 타입 악기 출시
    • Note: This previously said that drum-type weapons were coming. We apologize for the error, and apologize further that you will not be able to smash slimes with a steel drum.
  • We are updating the voice recording for Joddy. Please enjoy the current voice acting before we update with the new one. @Lilypichu did a fantastic job with the new VO and we think it fits very well with everyone’s favorite cadet.
  • 새로운 목소리 녹음. 
  • The guild size is getting bigger! You can now have up to 100 guild members.
  • 길드 사이즈 최대 100명까지
Other Important Changes
  • Crystal Fragments will be now account-binding.
  • 크리스탈 파편 계정귀속
  • Onyx Crystals and Chaos Onyx Crystals from dismantling enchanted equipment will now become bound to your character. Also, when you dismantle +10 and above gears, you will get more resources from dismantling.
  • 인챈트된 장비 분해해서 나온 오닉스크리스탈이랑 카오스 오닉스는 이제 케릭터 귀속으로 변경. 그리고 10이상 장비는 50%이상 재료 돌려받음.
  • Additional rulesets to catch meso sellers have been deployed and we are seeing a huge number of automated bans. We are reviewing more systems which can help us track them faster.
  • 룰셋 추가로 메소 셀러 더 빨리 잡을거임. 자동으로 밴도 시킴.  
  • We are definitely reviewing more ways to handle other activities disrupting the in-game meso economy. We are sorry for adding more restrictions but also want to let you know that we are working on a system that will address these disruptive activities better, and allow us to eventually remove some of the restrictions. We also collect logs any time  you buy mesos from meso sellers through the Black Market, and those players that purchase mesos from them will get a 30-day suspension, plus lose all the mesos and items obtained by RMT. This is against the Terms of Service, so please stay away from buying mesos from these sellers.
  • 우리는 님들이 블랙마켓을 통해 메소셀러로부터 메소를 사는거 다 저장된다. 걸리면 30일 정지 먹일거고 님들 메소랑 템들 다 회수할거니까 절대 사지말라고 권장함. RMT( real money trade) 절대 안됨, 이건 우리 서비스약관에 다 있는 내용임. 절대 안됨. ( 다른겜들 보통 경고 정지 3일부터 아닌가요? 첨부터 30일이면 굉장히 쎄네요. 풀리고 또 현거래로 걸리면 그땐 영구정지일려나 ㄷㄷ)
We are already working on Phase 2 of the Skybound Expansion, and the game will get better every month with the new contents and adjustments. We hear other feedback regarding various different topics and want to share that most of the hot topics are already in review. We are only staying away from publicly discussing things until we have better defined what’s to come. 

우리는 벌써 스카이바운드 2탄 확장팩 

작업에 들어갔습니다. (헐 벌써 대박...)

우리 게임은 매달마다 새로운 컨텐츠랑 

보정으로 성장할것입니다. 

우리는 게속 님들의 피드백을 

여러군데(공홈,스팀,레딧 등등) 에서 계속 수집할것입니다.

Please continue to share your constructive feedback!

계속 성장할수 있게 피드백 주세요~ 

Jungsoo Lee
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    687676      [잡담]  현금거래 적발 시 최소 30일 최대 영구.. [7] 칸초네타 04-17  566 0
    687675      [잡담]  커미션겜 저두 커미션 받았습니다.  [4] 리체님 04-17  429 1
    687673      [잡담]  Another Level  [3] 스커원탑 04-17  510 6
    687672      [잡담]  마스터 스킬포인트 좀만 더 줬으면 좋겠다 [2] 리체님 04-17  236 0
    687671      [잡담]  퀘스트 깨는중  [2] 도란님 04-17  175 0
    687670      [일기]  복귀한지 29일 뉴린이 일기! #16 (..  [6] 힐링학개론s 04-17  224 0
    687669      [잡담]  요즘 메2에서 계정 거래 후에 본주인이 .. [3] 어림없는소리 04-17  566 0
    687668      [잡담]  루미가 제일 적폐  [7] 본리 04-17  706 6
    687667      [잡담]  3년전 고인물일 때 [1] Mumujelly 04-17  597 0
    687666      [잡담]  루미스톤 ㅂㄷㅂㄷ... [3] 일리티드 04-17  574 6
    687665      [잡담]  이거 매크로 아닌가요...? [9] 스커원탑 04-16  1298 10
    687664      [잡담]  ㅈㄴㄱㅈ 30000 ㅇㄴㅃ  [3] 네비잉 04-16  185 0
    687663      [잡담]  허미 민석이형 감사함미다  [5] 반갑다능 04-16  1009 4
    687661      [잡담]  와 이쁘네요  [2] 아랑 04-16  760 0
    687660      [잡담]  메콩 초창기처럼 갓겜되는법 씹팩트날려봅니.. [2] 리체님 04-16  656 6
    687659      [잡담]  ?  [4] 스커원탑 04-16  777 3
    687657      [일기]  복귀한지 28일 뉴린이 일기 ! # 15  [3] 힐링학개론s 04-16  283 7
    687656      [잡담]  칸팬+쉐켈이 아직도 칸팬+눈보라 보다 성.. [2] 리체님 04-16  444 0
    687655      [잡담]  앞으로 뭘 해야되나요  [10] 도란님 04-16  463 0
    687654      [잡담]  HDR 기능있는 모니터 메콩에 적합하나요 [1] 주디 04-16  210 0
    687653      [잡담]  복귀해볼까합니다 [6] 백야제 04-16  384 0
    687652      [잡담]  메이플2 랭킹 5,838,718,325,.. [7] 칸초네타 04-16  557 6
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