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Hi, everyone! As promised I have compiled all my thoughts on this 'pre-update' time into one long post.

First and foremost, if you are reading this only because you want information on the coming update you can turn away now. My NDA with Supercell does not permit me to post any information about the update without permission. I cannot stress enough, this post is from my point of view, and is by no means an official statement. The goal of this post is to try and provide some insight into why the update has been handled this way from the eyes of someone who gets to see more than the average player. 

Official Supercell hype began on the 3rd of May when the boat was brought into the game, with a link to a video suggesting there is something on the other side of the ocean. People may argue that the hype started quite some time before that, with various leaks, videos, and posts from well-known people in the community - of which I totally agree. These people were in no way asked, told or encouraged to post about/hype the update. The reality is, these 12 people who saw the update early were genuinely hyped and excited. This was the first anyone had seen of the long awaited update, and we were blown away by the size of it but also how totally unexpected yet refreshing it was to see. 

Supercell knew how excited we would be. So much so, that they had a film crew in to catch our first reactions to opening up the new update. It didn't take long before word got around of this giant update that was coming, and the community was buzzing with excitement. The hype was created out of genuine excitement of what was to come, and not because Supercell enjoyed teasing its players. 

The issue now is that it's been 3 weeks since the hype started and the hype is subsiding, and turning into "Just give us the darn update". With this being said, I want to touch on the importance of the hype - How and why Supercell created it after the boat was introduced into the game. I will talk more about this in the next section labeled "Captain's Log".

Captain's Log:
Supercell... Are... Smart. You simply cannot provide evidence to suggest otherwise. There is no way, in which a mobile game company can become a multi-billion dollar name unless they had some brains. What am I getting at here? They did their homework. They chose to reveal the update this way, rather than through the usual sneak peeks for a reason! 

It's easy to often forget Supercell has access to a lot more data than we do. They are looking big picture, not forums picture. 

  • This forum has 1,400,000 (20k active) users - of which around half are CoC players.
  • On March 7th, 2016 - Supercell announced they had 100,000,000 daily users (Clash Royale was still a baby). One can assume CoC is a huge chunk of them.
  • The forums do not accurately represent the community. It shows who the hardcore fans are, who the most dedicated are, those who truly have a passion for the game. But it does not make sense to make decisions solely off what the people here say.

It is unreasonable to think that the majority of people have been following the hype, or are even aware of the upcoming update. For them, they hype started with the captain's logs. So, why have captains logs instead of sneak peeks? 

I believe the answer comes down to marketing. YouTube is about the biggest audience Supercell can get (78 million views on their 1-minute teaser is proof of this). I look at this update as almost a relaunch of Clash. With the amount of hyping going on, Content Creators who have long since abandoned CoC have returned to get in on the action. If Supercell can get YouTubers on board with this update, the audiences they reach will be far bigger than they can achieve with an in-game link. 

What does all this achieve? New players & the return of old players.

Leaks & Rumors:
One thing Supercell prides itself on is being honest and fair. The truth is.. mistakes happen in real life. Sometimes you leave a picture of a boat in the game files which someone data mines, sometimes a picture is shared early. It happens - it would be inhuman if mistakes didn't happen. So I want to squash the rumor that Supercell has been deliberately leaking information in order to create hype. It simply isn't the Supercell way. Now, don't think of me as a fool, I know I am not going to convince everyone of that. You get a different perspective of things when you work close to them, when you meet them and when you understand them as I have. 

The same goes with Content Creators. Deliberate leaks will be treated as such, but they understand sometimes things slip through editing (Looking at you Ashlain and your number of cards ). We are all human after all.

Closing thoughts:
I genuinely believe this update will reinvigorate the game for most. As with anything, there will always be people who disagree. I hate how this pre-sneak peek time has been handled. While I understand why Supercell plays things close to the chest, I also believe the hardcore fans who check this thread deserve better (2,000,000 thread views is a testament to the passion you guys have!). I hope that moving forward, Supercell will see fit to throw a few more bones to those on the forums and social medias. Of course, keep the main goodies of the update as a surprise. But hints such as that achievement I shared would be great.

It's not long now guys, and the wait is definitely worth it! 

Thanks for your support,

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  • 이 내용들은 개인적인 의견. 슈퍼셀 공식 의견이 아님. 나는 슈퍼셀과 NDA(기밀유지협약)을 맺어 허가 없이 정보를 유출할 수 없음. 그러므로 업데이트 관한 정보만 보기위해 들어온 사람은 돌아가도 좋음.
  • 슈퍼셀이 이번 업데이트에 스닉픽 대신 항해 일지와 같은 방법을 택한 것은 큰그림을 위한 것. 하드 유저들은 불만이 있을 수 있지만 평범한 유저들, 유튜브 사용자들을 타겟으로 마케팅하기 위해 택한 방법. 실제로 유튜브 조회수가 효과를 증명하고 있음.
  • 난파선 이미지가 게임 파일에서 작년에 미리 유출된 것과 같은 일들은 실수. 슈퍼셀은 정직하고 공정함. 일부러 루머를 양산하려고 유출시킨 것이 아님을 알아줬으면 함. 
  • 난 이번 업데이트가 coc에 새로운 바람을 일으킬 것이라고 믿음. 
  • 나도 지금 업뎃 공개 전 기간에 대한 방식이 맘에 들지 않음. 슈퍼셀을 이해하면서도, 포럼을 찾는 하드 유저들이 더 많은 내용을 알아도 된다고 생각함. 메인은 서프라이즈로 숨겨두더라도, 내가 이전에 새로운 업적을 공개한 것과 같은 힌트들이라도 좀 더 뿌려주면 좋겠음.
  • 이제 정말 얼마 남지 않았음. 기다린 가치가 있을거야.
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