WAR CHEST: BLIZZCON 2019 (워체스트 2019 블리즈컨 영문)

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SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

The StarCraft II War Chest returns with new skins and a whole new way to earn free goodies as we ramp up to the World Championship Series Finals at BlizzCon 2019. The War Chest is an exciting way to engage with StarCraft II and earn early access to in-game items for all three races at a remarkably low cost. As a bonus, a portion of your War Chest purchase goes toward supporting StarCraft II esports. Read on to learn more about what’s inside, and how you can get in on the action!


The Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg each have their own War Chest available for purchase, and you can get access to all three with the Warchest Complete Bundle. You can earn more than 80 new items in total, including unit skins, decals, sprays, emojis, and portraits. You’ll also receive a co-op XP boost for the duration of the War Chest period with your purchase.

The progression path for the War Chest begins with a single unit skin, an exclusive portrait, a decal, and a loading screen race banner. You earn XP toward your progression by playing Versus and Co-op matches, or by watching eligible StarCraft II streams on Twitch to earn experience and unlock the rest of the set.

The War Chest features individual progression paths for each of the game’s races. You can purchase access to each race’s path separately, or get access to all three with the War Chest Complete Bundle. Regardless of your choice, owning a War Chest immediately grants you rewards in StarCraft II and across other Blizzard titles. Simply playing games in StarCraft II—both multiplayer and co-op—will earn you XP that unlocks rewards in each War Chest phase, as they become available over the next three months.


This time around, in addition to the War Chest reward paths for each race, you’ll also be able to earn XP towards an additional path that’s free for everyone, which includes Brood War-inspired skins for the Marine, Zealot, and Hydralisk. Any XP earned toward this free path will be automatically applied to any War Chest you purchase.

A portion of all War Chest proceeds will be used to help fund the BlizzCon 2019 StarCraft II prize pool, as well as future StarCraft II esports events.


Unlocking your War Chest rewards has never been easier! In addition to playing, you can watch StarCraft II streams on Twitch during the War Chest period to earn additional XP! See the Viewer and Broadcaster FAQ for detailed instructions.
Purchase War ChestLink AccountsWatch to Earn XP
Purchase a War Chest and make sure you have a character created in StarCraft II.Link your Battle.net account to Twitch to enable XP gain.Log in to Twitch and watch eligible* StarCraft II streams to earn XP!
*StarCraft II streams on our official Twitch channel will always provide War Chest XP. In addition, any Twitch channel streaming StarCraft II will be eligible to provide War Chest XP if the broadcaster has linked their Twitch account to their Battle.net account and enabled the StarCraft II War Chest extension.


August 15September 12October 10
Phase 1 UnlocksPhase 2 UnlocksPhase 3 Unlocks

The purchase period ends on November 7, after which you’ll have four weeks of Bonus XP to complete your War Chest and finish unlocking all rewards. Complete your War Chest by December 5, 2019 to earn all the goods.

Terran - Phase 1
Tyrador SCV, Marine, Marauder, Ghost, Reaper, and Medivac Skins; Sprays and EmoticonsZerg - Phase 1
Cerberus Drone, Zergling, Hydralisk, Roach, Baneling, and Queen Skins; EmoticonsProtoss - Phase 1
Ihan-rii Probe, Zealot, Adept, Stalker, Dark Templar, and High Templar Skins; Emoticons
Terran - Phase 2
Tyrador Hellion, Cyclone, Widow Mine, Siege Tank, Thor Skins; Spray and EmoticonsZerg - Phase 2
Cerberus Ravager, Swarm Host, Infestor, Lurker Skins; Spray and EmoticonsProtoss - Phase 2
Ihan-rii Sentry, Immortal, Oracle, Disruptor, Colossus, and Observer Skins; Spray and Emoticon
Terran - Phase 3
Tyrador Banshee, Viking, Liberator, Raven, and Battlecruiser Skins; Spray, Portrait, and EmoticonsZerg - Phase 3
Cerberus Overlord, Mutalisk, Corruptor, Viper, Brood Lord, and Overseer Skins; Spray and PortraitProtoss - Phase 3
Ihan-rii Phoenix, Void Ray, Warp Prism, Mothership, Carrier, and Tempest Skins; Spray and Portrait


Custom loading screen race banners, decals, and portraits are unlocked per each race bundle you purchase. The War Chest Co-op XP Boost is unlocked upon purchase of any War Chest product, and is active until December 5, 2019.

Custom Loading Screen Race Banners (Terran, Zerg, Protoss)Ranked Play UnlockTyrador Ghost/Cerberus Hydralisk/Ihan-rii Adept Ink PortraitWar Chest Co-op XP Boost for Duration of Warchest



The brilliant scientist Egon Stetmann has gone missing on the planet of Bel’Shir. A rescue team has been tasked to find him. Issue #1 of "This Sacred Land" reveals what they find: Dangerous Tal’darim protoss… and an even more dangerous mad scientist.


Your progress is shared across War Chests, so if you have a Zerg War Chest with five unlocked rewards, any Protoss or Terran War Chest you purchase later will have five rewards unlocked automatically. If you have more than one War Chest, they’ll level up simultaneously.

If you don’t complete your War Chest before the December 5, 2019 deadline, don’t worry: all War Chest skins will become available for purchase on a later date.

출처 : https://starcraft2.com/en-us/news/23139226
EXP 63,933 (38%) / 67,001

전문가 인벤러

Lv60 Sc2forever

C급 라이센스
63,933 (38%) / 67,001 ( 다음 레벨까지 3,068 / 마격까지 2,817 남음 )

이니 154,933

베니 3,084

제니 604

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게임별 조립 PC

최근 방문한 게시판
    번호             제목             글쓴이 등록일 조회 추천
    1149      ┌ INCONTROL 기념 묶음 상품       Sc2forever 19:44  58 0
    1148      └ INCONTROL COMMEMORATIV..       Sc2forever 19:34  41 0
    1147      [공지] 10월 18일 (금) 서버 점검 안..       Sc2forever 10-18  70 0
    1146      [공지] 10월 18일 (금) 서버 점검 안..       Sc2forever 10-15  73 0
    1145      HOTFIXES – OCTOBER 3, 20..       Sc2forever 10-07  179 0
    1144      ┌ 2019 스타크래프트 II 밸런스 업데이..       Sc2forever 10-07  303 0
    1143      └ STARCRAFT II BALANCE U..       Sc2forever 10-07  113 0
    1142      ┌ 가상 입장권으로 한층 레벨업된 블리즈컨 ..       Sc2forever 10-03  238 0
    1141      └ LEVEL UP YOUR BLIZZCON..       Sc2forever 10-03  140 0
    1140      ┌ WCS 글로벌 파이널 - 오프닝 위크 대..       Sc2forever 10-03  131 0
    1139      └ WCS GLOBAL FINALS - OP..       Sc2forever 10-03  108 0
    1138      HOTFIXES - SEPTEMBER 27,..       Sc2forever 10-01  140 0
    1137      2019 GSL 시즌3 코드S 결승전 대진표..       Sc2forever 09-28  141 0
    1136      2019 GSL 슈퍼 토너먼트 시즌2 안내       Sc2forever 09-24  175 3
    1135      2019 GSL 슈퍼토너먼트 시즌2 예선전 ..       Sc2forever 09-23  151 3
    1134      [공지] 9월 26일 (목) 블리자드 웹 사..       Sc2forever 09-22  178 3
    1133      2019 마운틴듀 GSL S3 결승전 운영 ..       Sc2forever 09-22  110 3
    1132      GSL 2019 시즌3 코드S 4강 대진표..       Sc2forever 09-20  110 3
    1131      2019 GSL Season 3 Code S..       Sc2forever 09-20  127 3
    1130      2019 GSL Super Tournamen..       Sc2forever 09-20  101 2
    1129       WAR CHEST: BLIZZCON 2019..       Sc2forever 09-13  193 0
    1128      [공지] 9월 12일 (목) 서버 점검 안내..  [1] Sc2forever 09-12  167 0
    1127      ┌ 스타크래프트 II 4.10.3 패치 노트       Sc2forever 09-11  250 0
    1126      Earn War Chest XP while ..       Sc2forever 09-11  144 0
    1125      └ STARCRAFT II 4.10.3 PA..       Sc2forever 09-11  161 0
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