v1.9.0.3 #02 (18-05-2020):
- added Hangar: Road to Berlin (by olix_vameshu)
- added minimap by shurabb [don't use it in Road to Berlin]
- added Changes in ELO (an ELO calculator) [by OldSkool]
- updated contour icons: PogS
- updated Arty Log
- updated Crew Auto Return OldSkool
- updated Auto-Equip: OldSkool
- updated Friends Marker (by OldSkool)
- updated Info Panel OldSkool
- updated Inventory count indicator (OldSkool)
- updated Arty Projecticle Flight Time by OldSkool
- updated Safe Shot OldSkool
- updated Spot Messanger OldSkool
- updated Auto ignore
- updated Destroyed Vehicles Marker
- updated BBModsSDK.pyc
- removed: contour icons corecroft27, Girls und Panzer music