선수 조건
               Carries in general are supposed to be good geared and have a really good idea of the content they are applying as carries for. You need to provide logs and show me that you know what you are doing before you get a spot in the pug as  a carry.

손님 조건(?) 골드가 아무리 많아도 공략 모르고 알아듣지 못하면 그냥 추방
                  Buyers your number 1 priority is to BRING GOLD . But also you need to have a rough idea of the fights and most importantly  to be able to listen to calls that are being made on voice. No matter how much gold you are offering to pay if you do not listen or are completely clueless i am not going to put you in.

**GDKP rules**

공대 모집자 6%
리딩 공대장 6%
There's a **6%** cut for Organising  & **6%** for leading!
Also so extra cuts that you can  see at :


올분 규칙이고..
- All gold will be divided among the people at the end of the raid. - If you leave early - you don't get gold.
- Anyone can bid on any item. It doesnt matter if you can use the item or not, highest bidder wins regardless of class.
- If you win the bid of an item - you will pay for that item. All bids are binding. Not paying for an item will get you blacklisted.
- No cooperation between players by passing for one another, friends or not. The raid benefits from the bigger pot. If you bid, you buy.

여기부터 범칙금 엄청나네 ㅎㅎ
피할 수 있는 스킬을 1번 못 피해서 전멸이 나면 올분 절반만 받음.. 여러번 실수를 하면 골드 못 받음 !
- Raiders who wipe the raid in an avoidable way may see their payout cut in half, or entirely if it happens repeatedly.

손님 중에 업그레이드 아이템에 지르지 않으면 올분 분배 없음..
- Buyers that don't bid on upgrades and in general avoid biding could very well be discluded from getting a cut at all.

이야 무섭네..