13.24 Full Preview!

Azir: Partial revert of the W damage, as the changes were directionally positive, just off in magnitude.

Braum: A while ago, we nerfed Braum's knockup duration that reduced his pickrate in Pro and made him more playable in normal by a significant amount. It also was a satisfaction hit, so we're returning some of it.

Galio: Galio's cooldowns have been pretty long for a while and he's turned into more of a one rotation and then do nothing for a while champion. This change hopefully gives him more flexibility and a more fun gameplay pattern.

Gragas: Gragas has been weak for a while and less fun to play after the passive change. Bringing some of that back, without making it as strong early game as it used to be.

K'Sante: K'Sante is weak, we're looking for a bit more power in W, but not looking to go overboard. Long term, we like having more power in W as it is something that has more polarized interactions by matchup and is a very telegraphed portion of his kit. W is also a bit too expensive, now that the paradigm and hittability has changed

Leona: Leona was considered the poster child for supports one shotting you pre-durability and received a lot of nerfs leading up to that. Post durability, she lost a lot of that soloing power and has dropped off a lot ever since. Adding a bit of that damage back in the early game, being careful not to go overboard.

Lucian: Looking at a more fun change for Lucian that allows him to trade a bit more in the early game. He's dropped off a bit in terms of being an early focused champion and this should help all the way up until putting multiple points in E.

Mordekaiser: I know we're buffing Q... At the same time, this is his worst ratio and one that we think needs to be corrected for him to build AP more regularly. R is a QoL change that Morde mains have been requesting for a while.

Qiyana: As mentioned earlier, Qiyana's mana costs are excessively punishing and she often opts into mana itemization at least some of the time. This change should result in her feeling less punishing to play and learn.

Talon: QoL change to have rangedQ reset autos like meleeQ

Zeri: Now that Tri-Force Zeri is gone and Pro is done for the year, we feel more comfortable giving Zeri some of the AD growth back. We'll see how she performs with the new items and then monitor.

Briar: As mentioned yesterday, trying to narrow the gap between her overperforming Lethality builds and the worse performing Bruiser builds by converting some spells to magic damage. Even though she's received a lot of nerfs in a row, it's mainly to keep up with her extremely steep learning curve.

Ivern: Some simple nerfs to Ivern focused mainly on the early game.

Vel'Koz: Some bugfixes in here! We found a nasty bug with the E timing changes at the last second, but will continue to have those later after the bugs are resolved.