Super Troop #4 - Super Wall Breaker

With this final Super Troop preview for the Spring 2020 Update, we thought we'd go out with a bang! But don't let his tiny demeanor fool you...size is not the arbiter of might.

Say 'hello' to Super Wall Breaker!

This barrel of bones rides into battle atop a Giant Bomb with the promise of a bigger explosion. Not only does he have double the amount of hit points compared to his non-Super version, his potential for incendiary daredevil stunts literally opens up new avenues of opportunity. While his pyrotechnic potential sets him apart from normal Wall Breaker, Super Wall Breaker is guaranteed to explode regardless of the manner of his demise. Whether he reaches the target or is destroyed en route to his final destination, Super Wall Breaker will release the full fury of his ordnance no matter what and at max level, the blast will take down Walls of any level.

Check him out in all of his boom-tastic glory!

Town Hall level requirement: 11
Troop level requirement: 7
Cost to Super: 55,000 Dark Elixir
Duration: 7 days
Cool down: 7 days