TERA may not actually end up dying completely.... GameOn, Co (the folks who were the TERA Japan publisher), tweeted a few days ago about launching officially from the SEA region "soon™". They seem to be currently in discussion with Bluehole to run it in maintenance mode sort of like what VALOFE Global does with a bunch of dead end development titles like Riders of Icarus, MU Legend, and most recently, Bless Unleashed (though it must obviously be a touchy discussion since Gameforge does have the rights for a lot of regions until that ends on the 30th). I don't know if it makes financial sense though if they are able to negotiate reasonable licensing terms (especially if they end up trying to launch regional servers to cater to NA and EU players since Bangkok based ones aren't going to cut it with this game being latency dependent).

다 퍼진 내용이겠지만 정리하면 테라 일본 퍼블리셔였던 게임온에서 블루홀과 테라 재출시를 위해 교섭중이라는 썰인데, 즉 국내 썹에서 유저 db 계승 그런건 물론 아니고 동남아시아 중심으로 추가 개발은 없는 현행 버전 모드로 글로벌 써버를 재론칭하려고 시도중이라는 내용인데요. 오늘 디씨 테라겔 가보니까 스팀 서버 유지한다는 드립은 떳네요
뭐 확인은 안해봤지만 관심있는 분은 한번 체크해 보시길 (영상에는 해당 내용은 없지만 그 밑에 유저 코멘트에 나온 내용)

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